Many cat owners fail to recognise that their fur ball needs help taking care of their teeth. Cat’s are unable to brush their teeth. In the wild they would work to keep their teeth clean by chewing on bones and munching on grass but these activities rarely happen in the home. Dental problems can be extremely distressing for cats resulting in eating problems and resulting in dental surgery. To avoid problems we have a few dental care tips for cat owners that will help prevent decay.

Check Your Cat’s Teeth

Keep an eye on your cats mouth and look for indicators such as bleeding and bad breath. If you notice anything that causes you concern take your cat to the vets for a dental check-up and voice your concerns. It’s also a good idea to take your cat for a dental check-up once a year to be on the safe side.

Start Care Routines Early On

It’s easier to get cats used to dental checks during their early years. Frequently check their mouths (and ears) from several weeks old and they’ll simply accept it as the norm. Then begin using cat toothpaste, they come in different flavours your cat will love to make the process easier for you.

Feed Your Cat a Healthy Diet

It’s worth giving your cat a variety of both wet and dry foods. Check the ingredients and don’t feed your cat human foods, especially those with high sugar content. There are a variety of tartar control cat treats now available that are designed to help stimulate the gums, promote chewing for strong bones and remove plaque build-up.

With a little bit of care, a good diet, dental check-ups and a dental care routine you can help prevent decay, gum disease and other health problems.  If you have any questions pop down to your local Just For Pets store and ask one of our SQPs.


How to Take Care of Your Cat’s Teeth
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