Dogs have 42, cats have 30, and even iguanas have them – and they’re very sharp! We’re talking teeth of course.

Although brushing twice a day isn’t something you need to do with your pet, monitoring and encouraging good dental hygiene is important and it’s a really good idea to start that process from an early age – prevention being very much better than cure!

Cleaning your pet's teeth has many health benefitsIf you’ve ever tried to brush the gnashers of a cat or dog you’ll know it can be quite a challenge!

But there are plenty of aids on the market to keep your pet’s pearly whites in tip top condition without having to do battle.

There are toys that clean your dog’s teeth while they play and have the additional benefit of reaching difficult to access areas and removing tartar. You can also add toothpaste to it a few times a week for better effects.

For teeth that gleam

There are sprays that can go on their food at mealtimes to clean teeth and gums and keep their breath fresh, brushes that go over your finger allowing closer and more accurate cleaning along with toothbrushes and paste if your dog will allow it!

In between bouts of cleaning, giving regular treats and chews that prevent the build of plaque are a useful tool for keeping teeth in peak condition. For the full Just for Pets doggy dental range, click here.

Cats are a more of a tricky customer when it comes to the teeth department. You use the spray on their food or treats that will control plaque and the build-up of tartar. They also have antibacterial properties help to eliminate the bacteria that can cause bad breath.

Keeping teeth clean is good for everyone
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