Some cats will happily play with all types of toys and enjoy interaction with their owners, however others will simply ignore any toy that is offered and won’t show any signs of interest in playing! It is a good idea to encourage your cat to play – this will help them to develop a bond with you and learn to trust you.

The most popular toys for cats are small, furry or sisal covered toys or balls that they can chase. Some cats will even retrieve a toy that is thrown for them. Interactive toys such as dangling toys on a string will also be apprieciated by most, however watch your fingers and never let a cat play with these types of toys unsupervised. Most cats love to play with cardboard boxes or paper bags and will spend ages just waiting to pounce on unsuspecting owners that walk by!

Many adult cats adore the smell of catnip or cat mint. The cat mint plant (Nepata cataria) excludes the chemical nepetalactone, as well as being an effective insect repellent, this chemical produces almost addictive behaviour in many cats over the age of 6 months although kittens seem relatively unaffected. Many toys are scented with catnip and cat scratchers etc can be sprayed with a catnip spray to encourage your cat to use them.

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