With the lighter nights and warmer weather, there’s no excuse for not getting out and about a bit more with your dog.
Woman Looking At Exercise Monitoring App On Smartphone, with her dogAnd, if motivation is what’s missing for you and your pet, why not invest in one of the new breed of activity monitors to spur you into action?

The nation has, it seems, become obsessed with measuring how far we walk, what we eat, even how much we sleep, so it was only a matter of time before pets became the focus of the digital technology developers.

There are now devices you can use to track your dog’s activity, sleep and playtime and use a range of snazzy graphics to inspire you to help your pet reach the targets you have set for them.
As with human fitness monitors, they sync to computers or mobile phones allowing you to keep up to date with their activity – or lack of it! Some also tie in a GPS tracker which can be handy if your pet has a habit of wandering off.
If you do decide to get you and your pet on track to a new level of fitness, our range of leads and collars could be just reward for your new healthy lifestyle. Travel accessories such as harnesses are essential equipment if your decide to explore further afield now Spring has firmly sprung.
And, at the end of all that effort, make sure you remember to reward your pet for all their extra effort with a tasty treat or two!
Pet exercise? There’s an app for that!
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