It feels as if spring is just around the corner with the lighter nights and Easter on the horizon. So if an annual spring clean is on the cards, don’t forget your pets when it comes to brushing away the cobwebs!

The sun, emerging from its winter hibernation, can literally shine a light on less than pristine aquariums and vivariums.

Cleaning out your aquarium should be a regular job to keep the water fresh and your fish thriving. There is a range of treatments that can prevent issues like green algae in your water.

You can also buy conditioners that can keep your fish in tip top condition and prevent fungal and bacterial conditions.

This specialist cleaner for vivariums Viv-clean has been specially formulated to be used with reptiles as it is unscented and doesn’t contain any phenols, that can be harmful to them.

It will destroy bacteria, including salmonella and other micro-organisms, and help to keep your pet’s and family’s environment healthy by preventing cross-infection. Viv-clean can be used to both clean and disinfect drinkers, feeding bowls, utensils, vivaria, tanks, carpets, floors and all hard surfaces around the home.

Clean up and check runs

If you keep birds, scrub their cages with a bird friendly cleaner and check it for any snags or problems, clean out water cups and feeders and treat them to a new toy or tasty treat. Better still investing in a shower spray will keep your feathered friend feeling fabulous.

If you’ve got an outdoor bird table, that will also need a freshen up after the winter months and this Clean n Safe cleaner will do the trick.

This time of year it’s also great to let your pets stretch their legs after a winter cooped up in a hutch or hen house.

Runs need to be checked for any damage caused by the weather before you let your chickens, rabbits, or other small furries out for a wander or they may end up further away than you think!

Start the new season afresh and your pets will thank you for it.

Pets appreciate a spring clean too
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