We have a wide selection of pet beds both here on the Just for Pets website and in your local Just for Pets store. With so much choice it can be difficult to know which one will be best for your furry friend. We have a few tips that will help you make the best choice and ensure your best friend will love their new snuggle spot in the home.

The Right Size

Your pet is going to want to feel comfortable in any position they choose to lie in. Before you pick the best it’s a good idea to measure your dog so you can pick the best size without using guess work. If your dog or cat prefer to stretch out their legs to sleep be sure to measure them in this position.

Types of Material

The next decision should be the type of material that’s used in the bed. There are plastic, wicker and material beds made from fabrics such as fleece, lambs’ wool, cord or leather. Think about whether your pet is likely to want to chew the bed and if you’re happy to add dog blankets to make the bed comfortable or if you’d like an all in one cushioned bed. Another idea is to look for beds that are waterproof, especially during the winter months and for older pets that may be experiencing bladder problems.

How Does Your Pet Like to Sleep?

Consider what your pet considers to be their most comfortable position. Do they curl into a ball or lie stretched out? Where do they like to sleep currently? On the floor, a sofa or your bed? When you know their preferences and use those to help you pick the right bed you’re more likely to make the best purchase first time.

Pets that Feel the Cold

If you’re looking for a bed that will keep your pet nice and warm, perhaps to lay on a cold floor or for pets with sore joints, we have a self warm pet bed to consider choosing. The sheepskin style cover has a heat reflecting layer that will keep any sensitive pet nice and cosy.

Covered Beds

Some pets, such as cats and house rabbits, prefer to have a bit more shelter when they sleep. Therefore a good option to consider is a pyramid bed. These turn into warm cosy sleeping spots that encourage the pet to feel protected.


Picking the Right Bed for Your Pet
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