Whether you have a pool worthy of a stately home or a small garden pond now is the time to be thinking about your pond coming to life after the cold and wet winter months…..

Frog in pond Child and Pond Garden Pond

Pond plants are starting to bud and if your pond is stocked with fish they will become livelier as the weather becomes warmer , starting to feed more frequently.

A well-designed and maintained pond is a haven for all sorts of plants, birds and animals. It is a complex habitat full of algae and plants, scavengers, predators, herbivores, decomposers and parasites. Some species spend their whole life in the pond, for instance water snails and small crustaceans, while others use it for only part of their life cycle, such as pond skaters.

A pond provides essential drinking and bathing water for birds and mammals. If you plant a range of plant species around the edge, you’ll encourage an even greater diversity of wildlife.

So small or large your keeping your pond tidy and your fish healthy can encourage wildlife of all sorts into your garden.

Join Pond watch – whether your small garden pond contains fish or just plants, Just for Pets provides a range of pond fish food and pond treatments

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Pond Watch with Just for Pets

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