If you’re thinking of getting a budgie there are a few things you need to be aware of. It’s not a purchase that can be rushed into; you need to do your research first, just the same as with any other pets like dogs or cats. It’s important to ensure a budgerigar is going to fit in with your family and that you’re prepared to give it the care and attention it requires.

Set Up the Cage

When you’ve decided that a budgie is right for you the first thing to do is to set up the cage. Pick a cage that provides a lot of room, small cages aren’t ideal as full time homes. They can be useful for times when you’re cleaning the main cage or when taking the budgie for check-ups though. Buy the biggest cage you can afford but check the spacing between the bars. Some of the larger cages will not be suitable as the bars are to widely spaced, allowing for little birds to escape. Another point to remember is ease of cleaning. Pick a cage with a pull out drawer at the bottom so it’s easier to get into the corners.

Inside the cage you’ll need food and water receptacles, some toys such as a mirror and balls, a detachable bird bath and a nest box is also a great addition.

Picking Your Budgie        

Once you’ve set up the cage it’s time to head out to buy your budgie. Pop into your local Just for Pets store and have a word with us about the budgies we have available. We use trusted and reputable breeders so you can be sure they come from good homes and responsible owners. The budgie should look happy, healthy and have no missing feathers. Their eyes should be bright and it should be active around the cage.

Our SPQ’s are ready to answer any questions you may have regarding budgies or any other birds available from our stores. Please come and have a chat with us for further information and advice.


Preparing for Your First Budgie
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