We’re now into September and although you might not be thinking of Guy Fawkes and Bonfire night just yet it is something to have in your mind, especially if you have dogs and cats that aren’t fans of November the 5th.

Many dogs and cats don’t enjoy bonfire night but that doesn’t mean you can’t help them learn how to cope with it. It does take some time so it’s wise to begin taking action sooner rather than later, leaving it to the week before won’t be of much use. So we thought we’d share some tips with you and hopefully you’ll all be able to enjoy a far less stressful bonfire night and the several weeks before and after too.

Tips on Preventing and Dealing with Firework Phobias

  • Make your pets the perfect safe den in the home where they can settle and feel more secure. Pick the quietest room in the home, make it comfortable and consider having the den area covered around three of the sides. Teach your dog that this is their den, take their toys there and reward him for using it by praising and providing occasional treats.
  • There are various diffusers, sprays and tablets for cats and dogs that can be very effective against fireworks.  If you’re unsure about the right one for your pet please pop in to your local Just for Pets store and ask for advice.
  • If you know your pet finds the sounds of fireworks traumatic and that they will react negatively it is worth booking an appointment with your vet. They may be able to refer you to a behaviourist or recommend a solution such as pheromone diffusers or medication.
  • Condition your dog and cat to get used to the noise. Find videos of firework displays and play them quietly so as not to distress your dog. Gradually, over several sittings, begin increasing the volume and remember to praise your pets when they don’t react negatively to the sounds. You will need to do this as soon as possible as it can take time to train your pets to get used to the sounds. There’s also an iPad app you could try called Sounds Scary.
  • Leave your animals alone if they run and hide. Let them be as it could result in more stress if you try to encourage them to leave their safety zone.
  • Distract your pets, when the sounds begin and they start to bark or get stressed distract them with their favourite or new toys or by scattering a few treats.

Find your local Just for Pets store by using our store locator and pop in and ask about calming solutions for stressed out pets.

Preparing Your Pets for Fireworks
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