Spring pond care tips

The temperature is beginning to rise, the sun has more warmth in it and finally spring is here! It’s a glorious time of year; the fish are waking up and are keen to eat while reacclimatising to their warmer waters.  It’s also the time when you’ll have a few jobs that need taking care of to help your fish grow stronger and settle into the seasons ahead.

  1. Now spring is here it’s the perfect time to introduce some new plants, wait until mid-spring to add the plants as the water will be warm enough to encourage speedy growth.
  2. Divide and repot any water lilies or similar plants with floating leaves. The aim is to have 50% surface area that’s free from any plants.
  3. Remove any debris or dead plants that have accumulated during the winter.
  4. Carry out a water test and act accordingly based on the results of your test. A water test kit will show the different levels of ammonia, nitrate, phosphate, iron, copper, chlorine, the PH values and hardness.
  5. Thin out any of the underwater plants to avoid overcrowding.
  6. Remember to give your pond a deep clean every five years for a small pond and every ten years for larger ponds. The best time to clean out the pond is during the autumn. You’ll need to remove all the decaying plants and most of the silt from the base of the pond and gave the liner a scrub.
  7. Begin feeding your fish when the temperatures begin hitting 10 degrees Celsius but avoid overfeeding. The fish will still be quite sluggish so feed little and often and make sure that all the food is being eaten.
Springtime Pond Care Tips
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