Now is the time of year to give your hutches and small animal pens a once over checking for wear & tear and repairing or replacing old with new.

Choose a warm sunny day and place your animal in a safe and secure place such as a run in the garden with adequate shade – never in full sunlight. Sweep your hutch out and clean with a small animal cleaner (never bleach or strong household detergent as this can be harmful to your pet) leave to dry thoroughly as you should never place your animal back into a damp environment.

Clean all feeding dishes, hay racks, water bottles and toys with a small animal cleaner and dry thoroughly. Replace bedding, food and water and return your pet to it’s lovely fresh home !

If your pet is due for a new home visit our small animal page for a range of housing and runs to suit every small animal. You will also find toys and accessories for every budget.

Spruce up your Hutch…..

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