Cute Havanese puppy next to its pet carrier

For people of a certain age, the phrase ‘clunk click every trip’ will be gathering dust in the recesses of their minds along with ra-ra skirts, leg warmers and soulful pop videos about never being able to dance again by George Michael.

It was the slogan for a successful ad campaign when using a seat belt became law back in 1983. Nowadays it’s commonplace to secure yourselves and your children when you get in a car – but what about your pets?

As the startlingly horrific educational videos can show, one of the biggest dangers in an accident is what’s in the vehicle itself, so making sure your pet is strapped in is important.

Don’t let your dog roam in the car for your safety and for theirs. Dog harnesses are a great way to make sure your canine companion is comfortable yet restrained.

If your pet’s a regular traveller, consider a seat protector for your vehicle. There’s also a wealth of other accessories available such as portable water bottles to make life easier when you’re on the move.

Life on the move

Another option is a crate that could be contained in the boot of a car. The container should always be big enough for them, so they can turn and lie down. A pet carrier will be fine if your pooch is on the small side.

Cats will feel safe and secure in a carrier but that should also be safely stowed in your vehicle in case of a sudden stop. They can also be used for other small animals like rabbits.

Every animal is different when it comes to travelling – some love it, some hate it. If you’re travelling for any period of time, there are things you can do to make it an easier experience for them.

Put their favourite blanket or toy in a carrier or crate to make them feel at home.

Take regular breaks for some exercise and for your pet to be fed and watered. If you’re really concerned, ask your vet for advice.

Have a happy – and safe – journey!

Stay safe and sound moving pets around
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