Bird hygiene tips

Bird tables, feeders and baths need to be cared for correctly in order to prevent the spread of disease among the birds who visit. Most of the diseases spread via bird droppings and when these droppings mix with food, the risk of infections spreading increases. Thankfully you can help to prevent the spread of disease by carrying out the following tasks in your own garden.

  • Use bird tables or hanging feeders rather than spreading food on the ground. If you do want to put the seed on the ground make sure you use a tray and remove it each evening to help prevent attract rats. Rats carry their own diseases and these are a risk for both birds and humans.
  • Bird tables should be cleaned regularly. Droppings and mouldy food need to be removed and the area cleaned with a suitable disinfectant.
  • Clean the area surrounding the feeder and bird table.
  • Move the bird table and hanging feeders once a month; this is to prevent a build-up of droppings collecting on the ground.
  • Reduce the amount of food you offer the birds if you notice there is a lot of bird feed left over each week.
  • Rinse out the water containers each day.
  • Clean feeders outside and wear gloves during cleaning.
  • Pay extra attention to cleaning the feeding stations, water containers and bird baths during the warmer months as the heat makes food become mouldy quicker.

Following these tips will help to keep the garden birds healthy.

Taking Care of Your Bird Table
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