Dog harnesses for car travel

Dog harnesses for car travel


Travelling with dogs in the car can pose risks to you, your passengers and the animal. We have collected some tips that will help to reduce the risks and encourage a happy journey for everyone.

Dog Crates

Dog crates for travel are designed to fit in the back of cars and they will make the best use of space that is available for your dog.  Crates are useful if you have a boisterous or easily excitable job that is prone to jumping around from seat to seat. The crates will not only protect your dog, they will also protect your shopping from inquisitive noses and other travellers in the car too.  You can help to make the crate more inviting and comfortable for your dog by adding a dog mat.

Car Harnesses

If you don’t wish to buy a dog crate there are other options such as the car harness. The harness is used in the car, keeping your dog safely in position while travelling. Upon arrival at the destination the harness is unclipped with ease from the seatbelt socket. It is important to get the right size for your dog and our friendly staff will help you with the fitting if you’re uncertain.

Dogs in Cars

It is never okay to leave a dog in the car during hot weather. The car overheats very quickly and it can take just minutes for your dog to become very ill and be at risk of dying. Opening a window isn’t enough. When you leave your car make sure you take your dog with you or leave them at home and go and run your errands alone. If you do decide to take your dog in the car on a hot day remember to:

  • Never leave it in the car for any length of time
  • Take plenty of water with you and a bowl so you can stop and give your dog fluids throughout the journey
  • Park in the shade so the car remains as cool as possible for when you both return to the car
  • Remember not to take your dog on very long or energetic walks on very hot days
  • Leave your dog at home or with a sitter if you plan on taking a long journey on a hot day or if you won’t be able to take them out the car with you
Tips for Travelling with Dogs in Cars

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