Do you ever stop to think about how you talk to your pet? It’s definitely something we all do and many of us feel the need to put on a ‘special’ voice to do it.

There could be any number of reasons for this:

  • We think we need to talk to them like babies
  • They respond better to a certain voice or tone
  • We think they understand better if we miss words out and keep repeating ourselves…
  • We’re all just daft!

Whatever it is, Buzzfeed decided to explore the reality of our ‘animal voices’ by giving the practice a new perspective – how would it sound if we did it to other human beings?

Don’t go changing

It’s an amusing reminder of something we all do without thinking. It definitely going to make you more self-conscious next time you have a chat with your pet…

All that said, we don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. Many pets are comfortable with the voices you use and to change that would potentially make them unsure of your mood. Communicating with pets is much more about the sound and pitch of your voice, allied with your body language. Besides, it’s a great way to detach from the rest of the conversations we have all day long – and you never hear a dog complain that you’re patronising them with that voice!

Why DO you talk to your pet like that?
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