Is your pet your true Valentine?

British people are famed for their love affair with animals so it’s no surprise that latest figures show nearly one in two homes (46%) own a pet.

And with 28% of UK households classed as single, that means a ‘significant other’ for many people this Valentine’s Day could have paws, a tail, feathers or fur.

Research by the Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association shows that while the number of pets we own (58.4 million) may be dropping, the number of households owning animals stays stable.

Dogs remain the most popular with 24% people counting a canine as one of the family.

Cats come in second at 17% with fish making an entry at number three for nine per cent of households. Other animals – birds, hamsters, poultry, guinea pigs, rabbits and exotic pets – account for one per cent each.

A bit of Valentine bling?

So if February 14 doesn’t mean flowers, chocolates or a romantic meal for you, how can you reward the pet that has captured your heart?

If a bit of bling is your thing, how about an amethyst or diamond collar for your dog?

Show your true love to your cat with a new collar that comes in a range of funky colours. You can literally give your heart away to your young dog with this teether .

There are chocolate alternatives a plenty in our range of dog treats and chews
and cat snacks and lots of gift ideas for other pets in our stores and online.

If you can’t beat them, join them!

When your pet is your true Valentine
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